The Best Frustration Free Guitar Instruction in Ventura

Dream Of Playing Guitar But Feel Stuck?

So many aspiring guitar players don’t know how to get started or feel stuck and can’t get to the next level.  Most have spent hours on Youtube and are frustrated trying to learn alone.

I get it!  When I started out I didn’t know where to turn and boring lessons turned me off.  I’ve been there and I know how to help people discover the passion of playing while making rapid progress.


Most people that try to learn on-line by themselves quit

Most teachers are using outdated 1950s style ineffective methods

The wrong method leads many to abandon their dream of playing guitar.

Most Teachers play well and are nice but have no formal training on how to teach guitar – they often have a long trail of failed students.

Bad methods make guitar hard to learn and frustrating

Many Get Discouraged and QUIT:
Don’t Let This Happen To YOU!

My guitar instruction is dramatically different.

I have a proven method that will get you playing guitar and having fun from the first day!

I love to see the smiles on students faces when they play a song they love

I have years of guitar teacher training from top experts and have studied with the most successful guitar teacher in the world for over three years.  My instruction is very different from other teachers – don’t settle for less!

You will:

Learn Quickly
Get the best method available
Feel Inspired
Gain Confidence in your playing
Discover how guitar will soothe your soul
Learn Your Favorite Songs
Patient and Supportive Teacher
Have a ton of fun
Discover a life-long passion
Learn to jam with others


Sign Up Today and Get FREE Guitar Tuner
FREE Capo, FREE Binder for Your Music


Money Back Guarantee

Follow our program for 30 days and if you aren’t completely satisfied we’ll refund your $$ no questions asked


Frequently Asked Questions:


What if I can’t make it every week?

No problem, we have an awesome flexi-schedule that allows you to adjust the times you come based on your schedule.


Do I need to have a guitar to get started?

No, we have lots of guitars on hand that you can use while you’re at the center


How much does it cost?

We have a variety of affordable options.


I tried to learn before and it didn’t work out.

We understand. Our method is different and works better.

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