Life is hectic, busy and stressful.  Playing acoustic guitar is one of the most relaxing, meditative, soulful things you can do.  Whatever style you play:  classic rock, pop, classical, blues, fingerpicking.  It’s nice at the end of a hectic day to pick up your guitar, play some songs and tune out of all the craziness and into that creative musical space.

Even my cat likes it when I play guitar; he’s got to get as close as he can, lie down and just purr away.  Ah, life is good.

This weekend, I have it in my mind to take my guitar to the beach, sit, have a glass or wine, watch the sunset and play some Beatles songs

So, get out your guitar and make the stress melt away.

Haven’t played in a while?  Always wanted to learn?  No better time!

Harmony Music Center teaches guitar to kids, teens and adults.

Contact us and discover how you can play the way you’ve always dreamed.

  1. Johnathan Clements 8 months ago

    Wanted to take lessons for years whats the cost?

    • Author
      Andrew Bassuk 7 months ago

      Hi Johnathan
      Just sent you an email. Let’s talk more and get you playing guitar!

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