Kids Summer Guitar Program

Super awesome summer guitar program for kids ages 7-14.   Don’t let your kids sit around all summer in front of tech screens.  Get them involved in something wholesome, creative and interactive.  Learning to play guitar can become a healthy and life long passion.  Studies show that learning an...

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Community Music Center

Imagine a place…. Where you could learn to play instruments, hone your skills, join an informal jam, or attend a fun musical event. Well, guess what? Harmony Music Center is that place….  Check out our calendar of events for all our great classes, events and jams. Whether you’re looking...

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Saturday Kids Music Class

Kids naturally love music.  Get your kids grooving, learning and having fun with music.  In our Saturday Music Classes, younger kids will explore instruments – guitar, drums, percussion and will get to sing popular and classic songs.  Older kids will learn beginning guitar, sing and learn to make and...

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New Kids Music Classes

Kids are happier when they… are creatively expressing themselves with their peers.  Did you know that studies show that kids who play instruments do better academically?  Learning  to make music is one of the best things that parents can do to promote their children’s well being.  Plus, kids love...

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Music and the Soul

Music and the Soul You are either moving toward your potential, stagnating or, moving backwards!  The purpose of life is to grow, love ourselves and others and actualize our highest potential.  As a therapist for nearly 30 years I’ve found that when people are not working toward their personal...

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Beatles Bash

Beatles Bash – Monday 9/5 (Labor Day) 6:30 pm Come and join us for an evening of the Beatles – some of the best songs ever written.  This is an experiential eve.  If you play acoustic guitar, bring it.  Other acoustic instruments welcome too.  Don’t play? – No prob,...

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Fingerpicking Guitar

Fingerpicking is one of the most beautiful guitar styles.  Here is a simple exercise and chord progression that will help you work on this if you know a few basic chords.  Harmony Music Center’s Guitar Level 2 class is working on basic fingerpicking techniques right now.  Message us if...

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Get Happy; Do Music

Get Happy; Do Music Need more joy, passion and community connection in your life? Get involved with music! Whether you play an instrument or not, finding community music venues where you can participate in a down to earth, welcoming group is such an awesome way to add joy to...

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Welcome to the NEW Harmony Music Center Blog! At HMC we believe that making music should be accessible to all regardless of age, experience or ability.  We offer classes, jams, and lots of fun events.  Learning to play is a part of it but even more important is making...

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