Harmony Music Center offers fun and inspiring programs designed to fit your needs and busy schedule.  For more details and to find out how we can create a customized program for you send us a message on our contact page.



You probably have a busy life.  We tailor our programs to meet your needs, schedule and budget.  We have learning opportunities at all times in a variety of formats.  Contact us today to discover how we can design a program that is a perfect fit for you!


Our classes are dynamic, supportive and fun.  Individual lessons will give you focused guidance and support.  Our website has a Student Resource Center with amazing resources that supplement your learning when you’re at home.  Your program may include some or all of these elements.  We’ve left the 1950s style of teaching that most music teachers offer and we have flexibility in creating a program that will fit for you.

Class Descriptions


Just getting started with guitar?  This class is for you.  You’ll learn the basics and we always balance learning with having fun – part of each class is working on the skills but we always take plenty of time to have fun and play songs – we don’t do boring music – you’ll learn the music you love both classics from the past and contemporary artists.


Already know basic chords and maybe some scales?  Level two will help you take the next step.  You’ll learn additional chords, barre chords, fingerpicking skills, combining chords and riffs, how to turn scales into lead parts and the riffs of particular songs.  There is a lot of room in this class to individualize your learning – we’ll create an individualized plan to help you develop exactly what skills are next for you.  As in Beginning Guitar, there is a balance between skill development and group playing, song development and fun.


Want to play acoustic guitar and sing? Want to play screaming lead guitar in a band? Whatever your dreams, we can help you. In this class we spend some time helping you develop skills that move you toward your goals and the remainder of the time we jam! Even from day one, we’ll get you playing with others.

Girls Beginning Guitar Program

This program is for girls ages 7-13.  Girls this age are really ready to get started with guitar.  We understand that with school, sports and extra-curricular acitivities, life gets busy – to accommodate busy schedules we’ve created a program with classes at different times as well as an on line portal with lots of detailed lesson videos and an online practice center that allows students to practice at home along with a teacher via video and audio.  We will tailor the program to meet your schedule with lots of flexibility!  Contact us today to discuss the details!

Boy’s Guitar Program

Boys this age are really ready to Rock!  This program is for boys ages 9-13.  We combine basic guitar skills with having fun and learning to play guitar in a rock band context.  It’s fun and we tailor the program to meet your schedule with a combination of classes, individual lessons and online resources including video and audio tutorials as well as practice resources.  Contact us NOW to learn how your boy(s) can get Rocking!

People often ask us how much lessons cost.  The best answer is “that’s up to you.”  We can tailor a program to fit your schedule, budget and goals.  We don’t have cookie cutter programs that are the same for all.  Lets a design a program that fits what you want to do and the time you have to do it.

A portion of the proceeds from Harmony Music Center are donated to the “Music in the Schools” program affiliated with the Ventura Music Festival.

Stay Tuned for more classes coming soon!

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