How A Great Guitar Teacher Helps You Get Unstuck In Your Playing

It sucks when you feel stuck in your guitar playing and have no one to ask for advice on how to get unstuck. Fortunately, taking lessons with a great guitar teacher totally solves this problem. If you haven’t begun lessons with a teacher yet, you need to get started as soon as possible. Still need to be convinced? Here’s how taking lessons with a guitar teacher gets you unstuck:

You Correct Fundamental Mistakes That Hold You Back

Without a guitar teacher, it is difficult to understand why you simply can’t play something correctly. You may practice and practice…. over and over… but still no results. A guitar teacher helps you spot very critical mistakes (that are usually fundamental) which happen to be holding your playing back. For example, some guitarists struggle to play cleanly at fast speeds. This is almost always because they are unable to play with both hands in perfect sync due to some fundamental issue.

The answer is then for them to correct the issue at a slower speed. This goes against what most players do which is just try to play faster by moving their hands faster and hoping the problem fixes itself. It’s important distinctions like this that prevent you from wasting tons of time only to become frustrated.

You Learn Exactly What You Need To Do Next

A lot of guitarists don’t know what to do next. They are unclear about their musical goals, but want to get better in a vague way. Any great guitar teacher will tell you, having clear musical goals gives you something to work towards and helps you focus in on the things you should be practicing to get better. With these kinds of goals in place, you can begin reaching new horizons in your playing and becoming a better overall musician. 

Working with a great guitar teacher is very important for not only understanding how to reach your goals, but setting new ones once you’ve reached previous ones. Additionally, a great teacher understands how to help you reach BIG goals and become a great player. When seeking a guitar teacher to take lessons with, look throughout his website to see what kinds of results he’s given his students. If many of them are excellent players, you know you’ll be in the right hands.

You Learn How To Integrate Skills Together 

A great guitar teacher doesn’t just teach you isolated licks or patterns to learn separate from everything else. He understands that learning how to integrate skills is crucial for musical development. When you work with this kind of teacher, you learn how to use your technical playing skills with your improvisational skills, your music theory knowledge with your knowledge of fret locations and chords, and so on. Understanding how to use all of your musical abilities together is what helps you become a great guitarist and musician. Those who never learn how to integrate their skills, end up with holes in their playing that prevent them from using what they know to make actual music.

Now that you understand how helpful a great guitar teacher is for getting you unstuck, don’t waste any more time trying to fix things on your own. Seek out a great teacher, practice exactly as he says and get the results you want!

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