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Instructional classes are available for purchase either for a 4 or 12 week blocks.  When you purchase these classes you are entitled to either 4 or 12 consecutive classes depending on which block you purchase.  Your start date for the classes is at your discretion – to be discussed and agreed upon.  You are then entitled to 4 or 12 consecutive classes for that class – e.g. Beginner’s Guitar or Guitar Level Two.  Classes are generally offered 4 times per month with some variability due to holidays and vacations.   If you miss classes, there are no makeup classes or carryovers.  You will be provided with the class materials for the class(es) that you miss at your next attended class.  If you discontinue/quit prior to the attendance of the 4 or 12 class period end, Harmony Music Center may, at their discretion offer you a credit or refund a portion of your tuition but there is no promise or guarantee of a refund.


Playing classes are offered in 1 class, 5 class or 10 class blocks.  Once purchased, you are entitled to 1, 5, or 10 classes respectively depending on class pack purchased.  These classes can be used for any playing classes and the 1 and 5 class packs must be used within 90 days of purchase.  The 10 class pack must be used within 180 days from the date of purchase.

Harmony Music Center requires that students behave respectfully and safely toward other students, instructors and all materials and equipment belonging to Harmony Music Center, the venues in which we operate and other students.  If any student intentionally damages or does harm to physical property or individuals, Harmony Music Center may terminate your attendance of classes or programs and may provide a refund of tuition in accordance with applicable laws.

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