We all love music – it’s the universal language of the soul…

Playing an instrument is a spiritual practice pure and simple.  Funny that it’s possible to become out of touch with ourselves.  We’ve all experienced times when we’re overly busy and get out of balance.  Music is one of the best ways to connect deeply with ourselves.  Playing an instrument is a form of meditation.  When we sit down to play an instrument whatever level we’re at, we set aside our thoughts and troubles for a time and enter into the world of beauty and creativity and we discover our own creative voice.  My students tell me that playing guitar is one of the most relaxing things they’ve found in their lives.

The vulnerability of playing music with others…

When we play alone at home it’s peaceful, serene, meditative, wonderful.  But, once we begin to play with others, perform in front of others and bring our music out into the world, we enter into a very vulnerable place.  Our creative musical expression comes from a place so deep within us and so personal that letting our guard down and sharing it with others can feel pretty scary.  Some of the greatest, most famous and accomplished performers have had performance anxiety throughout their careers.  Andres Segovia, widely considered as the father of modern classical guitar, said that “Before each performance, I want to cancel.  Once it’s over, I wish I could do it again.” (paraphrased).

I took guitar lessons for a long time and I found that it was a vulnerable thing to put my creativity out there even with a trusted teacher.  I now see playing and performing music with others as not only a way to connect with others but also as a journey toward greater confidence and toward self realization.

What’s your journey?…

So, find a way to play an instrument on a regular basis.  It is one of the most life enhancing activities you can take on.

Harmony Music Center…

Is a community music center in midtown Ventura that specializes in getting people of all ages together to learn guitar and play music in a group setting.  Having fun is our top priority.  Check out our website for our schedule of classes, events, jams and happenings.  And, to celebrate our new, fabulous location we are offering a 50% discount of classes for new students.  Visit us at http://www.harmonymusiccenter.com

See you soon


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