Why is Learning Guitar Fun?

The guitar is the second most popular instrument for children to learn, and the most popular for adults to learn. Why does it have such popularity? Why is learning guitar so fun? Could it be the right instrument for you to learn?

A lot of people come to us and say they have been interested in playing the guitar for a long time. Here are some of the popular reasons that they say makes the guitar the perfect instrument for them/ 

Popular Music Containing Guitar 

 The most typical contribution to guitars’ popularity is due to lots of popular music containing the guitar. 

Guitar also has the added benefit of being able to play lots of pieces even if they didn’t have a guitar part in them in the first place! 

That means that it’s simple for you to start playing your favourite music and have it sound like the song. 

Guitar Is Portable

The guitar is super fun to play because it’s very portable. You can have it out in your living room or anywhere in the house, and you can pick it up and start playing. 


Even if you live in a small apartment, you can fit a guitar in there to play. 

If you travel, you can have a mini guitar that fits in the overhead compartment. Even with a full-size Guitar. It is relatively easy to travel with as well, even on a plane. 

Playing The Guitar With Your Friends 

The guitar can sound amazing by itself. But it also sounds great when played with other guitars!

 You can have someone playing a rhythm section, someone playing a higher lead part, someone playing the bass line. 

You can even have 20 people playing guitar at the same time, and it can all sounds great together. 

It’s a versatile instrument when it comes to playing with other people. 

Best of all, it’s easy to get started when it comes to playing with other people. As long as you have the confidence to and some basic understanding of the guitar, you can start joining in with your friends! 

Easy to play lots of popular songs 

As well as lots of popular music having a guitar in it.  When you’ve learnt some basics and got a handle on the coordination on the guitar; it is easy to start playing lots of popular songs. The reason is that most people’s favourite songs are in similar keys; Using similar chord progressions. 

I’m sure once you get to this level, you will want to keep improving. It is satisfying to be able to play lots of popular music early on in your guitar playing journey. 

Once you’ve learnt the fundamentals of guitar, a lot of it translates in different genres as well. I know electric guitar players who play classical, rock guitarists who can play acoustic guitar. You can get a lot of variation and style with your playing and diversify depending on what you prefer later on. 

It’s a lot of fun experimenting what you can do with your new-found skill! 

 It’s a logical instrument 

I have played several other instruments. I find the guitar to be one of the most logical instruments. Once you understand how the fretboard works, you can progress very quickly on the more theoretical side of music. 

That’s why it’s a great instrument for people of all ages, from kids to adults. It helps with pattern recognition and problem-solving that is very applicable to playing music and being creative. 

Even if you don’t feel like you are talented at music; you can become very good at the guitar by getting the right instructions and the right training. 

A side note: 

The guitar is still quite a young instrument regarding teaching in a contemporary style, compared to classical guitars and other traditional instruments. (That’s because rock and roll music and the development of electric guitar has only been around for less than 90 years. Classical music has been around for 500 years!) 

How logical the guitar will become to you depends on the method that your teacher uses to teach you guitar.  To find a guitar teacher with a proven method of teaching can take you time. If you need help with finding a guitar teacher, refer to our finding an excellent guitar teacher guide. 

I hope this short article has helped you to decide whether the guitar is the right instrument for you. If you are interested, find out more free information by contacting us at Guitar Tuition East London. 


About author and guitar teacher: 

Darryl Powis is a dedicated guitar teacher who has started his own guitar school in London, England. Devoting all his time into helping local guitar players to pursue their interest in wanting to learn how to play the guitar. 

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