So sad to see the state of the world right now.  Every day or so there seems to be an awful tragedy on the news.  How can we come together, heal, find peace and connect?  Well, music is a universal language.  Everyone likes music.  Maybe one of our problems is that we listen to music the way we live our lives: isolated and apart from one another.  My mission in life as the president of Harmony Music Center is to bring people together through music.  I love  getting people in a room together making music – whether people can play an instrument, want to learn to play or just want to shake a shaker, beat a drum or sing out their joys and sorrows.  It’s so beautiful to see the smiles as everyone connects with a Beatles song or an Eagles song or any song really.  So, can music save the world?  Well, I don’t know, but it’s a damn good start.

Harmony Music Center offers classes, jams and music events.  Check out our schedule and don’t miss our upcoming FREE Beginner’s Guitar Workshop in Ojai on Monday Aug. 15th.  Message us for all the details.