It is harder being a teenager today than ever before

We live in such a confusing, scary world and teens are faced with trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in to this crazy society today.  It is so easy for teens to disappear down the rabbit hole of technology and lose themselves in video games, texting, internet, Netflix, etc….   And parents are busier than ever with work demands, etc…  Gone are the days when teens went out and and connected in the neighborhood like we did when we were young.

How to get teens involved

One of the greatest ways to get teens involved, interacting with peers in a positive, supportive place in something that they are interested in and love is through music.  Imagine a group of teens learning to play instruments, learning to write songs, learning to play in a group/band context and learning to express themselves, communicate, interact and collaborate together all under supportive adult guidance.

Music is the universal language of the soul and teens are passionately immersed in it.  If you can help your teen discover who they are, interact with peers in a positive way and discover their creative spirit, you are giving them a gift that will serve them for their whole life.

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