Science Says…..

Did you know that numerous recent studies have shown that playing a musical instrument helps reduce depression and anxiety?  Learning to play an instrument is one of the best things you can do for yourself and now science has chimed in with its agreement.  Studies show that playing an instrument leads to lower stress levels, higher life satisfaction, better immune system response, lower levels of anxiety and depression and lower levels of alzheimer’s disease.

Wow, all these benefits – not to mention the joy, inspiration and sense of beauty and wonder.  What are you waiting for?

girl guitar

But I’m too old to start…..

And, it’s never too late to get started – even if you’re in you’re 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond learning an instrument is just such a great way to discover your creativity and add a wonderful passion to your life.  So, make sure that learning to play an instrument is on your ‘bucket list.’

Start Today…..

Ready to get started?  Awesome.  Join me for a FREE Beginner’s Guitar Workshop on Monday Aug 15 – 6:30-8:30 in downtown Ojai.  Message me for all the details and to sign up.  No experience necessary – it’s super fun, down to earth and will teach you some of the basics.  Bring a friend and come learn to play guitar.  Bring a guitar or use one of ours for the eve.  See you there 🙂

You Deserve to be Happy…..Guitar

Life is challenging and all of us struggle with ups and downs.  You deserve to experience the joy, wonder and beauty of music – not just listening to it, which is great unto itself, but participating and engaging your creative juices really takes it to the next level.  Happiness is available, help yourself!