Do you remember how enchanting music was when you were a child and teen?

Remember the magical quality it had?  Remember disappearing into music for hours at a time?                                          Remember how it resonated with you in times of confusion and uncertainty?

Where did the magic go?

As adults, it’s so easy to get lost in our crazy, busy, stressful lives.  We all need that spiritual connection – I don’t mean religion per se, I mean entering into the beauty, mystery, depth of experience and sense of aliveness.

Reawaken to the Mystery…

Reawakening the magic of music is one of the best ways to ignite that.  I love alone time with music when I by myself playing guitar or listening.  And I love to get together with people and play music.  Often in the jams that I host, we’ll finish a Beatles song or Eagles or it could be any great song and when it’s over we just laugh – not really because it’s funny but because it’s just so cool that we’ve had this really neat experience together – even for just 2-3 minutes.  I love that experience.

So, I invite you to enter back…

into that world of magic, of mystery and of enchantment whether it’s on your own with a set of headphones and your favorite music from years past or better yet – come join us for a guitar class or event.

Harmony Music Center

offers beginning and intermediate guitar classes, events, workshops and lots of cool stuff.  Visit us today at to see what we’re doing.

Don’t Miss

Labor Day Beatles Bash this Monday 9/5 at the EP Foster Library in downtown Ventura – 6:30-8:30 pm – FREE and fun for all.