Music and the Soul

You are either moving toward your potential, stagnating or, moving backwards!  The purpose of life is to grow, love ourselves and others and actualize our highest potential.  As a therapist for nearly 30 years I’ve found that when people are not working toward their personal potential then life begins to get pretty drab and we can easily begin to fall into problems:  depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc…

Your Highest Potential

Music is one of the best ways to cultivate your personal potential.  Why?  Because it taps directly into your creativity and helps you find and connect with your inner voice.  It is a way we can express something about ourselves that words simply don’t convey.

Learning an instrument is one way to discover this part of ourselves and to develop and grow.  We discover beauty, wonder and enchantment along the way.  Engaging with music is a way of connecting directly with our soul – that deeper part of ourselves that longs for connection, purpose, passion and sacred connection.

Stage Fright and Performing

Performing music is another step toward self realization.  All of us are nervous to one degree or another when we step into the spotlight and put our vulnerable creative self out there in front of an audience.  It is one of the most intimate and vulnerable things we can do.  Because of this it is scary and also an avenue that we can take courage, confront our fear and work on developing ourselves, our confidence and our voice in the world.

Don’t stagnate!  Whether it’s with music or through some other avenue, make sure you are developing and working to reach your potential.

Harmony Music Center

Harmony Music Center offers a range of classes, jams and events check out our calendar for a list of current offerings.