Let’s face it – more than anything we want our kids to get along with others and have meaningful relationships.

Ok, getting good grades and all that is important but, no matter how book smart someone is, if they can’t get along with others, life is pretty darn tough.

This whole dimension of getting along with others, relating to people, communicating, being sensitive to others and putting that all into practice is called emotional intelligence.

So how do we teach our kids emotional intelligence?  How do we assure they have the emotional skills to get by in life, and better yet, thrive?

Well, there are many good answers to this question but what I want to focus on here is music.  Just about everyone loves music.  Why?  It is an amazing medium for the expression of emotion!  Through music, we connect with our own emotions.  We may not think about it that way as we listen to music.  But the music we love whether it’s country, rock, jazz, classical, rap, etc… touches something within us an strikes an emotional chord.

So, consider the music your kids like?  What is it about that music that touches them?  I remember when I was a teen, I was into hard rock and heavy metal.  What I connected to was the power that music helped me feel.  My parents didn’t get it of course but the raw energy and power really struck a chord for me.  

One of the best things kids and teens can do is to learn to play an instrument that they are interested in.  As they develop the skills to play, a whole world of opportunity open up to them where they can make music with their peers, can develop an intimate connection with their own emotions and can learn to collaborate with others amazing ways.

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