Fly Like an Eagle, Jet Airliner, The Joker, Take the Money and Run…

Steve Miller has been on the scene since the late 60s.  This past Wed eve I had the chance to see him at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Let me just say it was an awesome show.  It was a warm balmy eve and Peter Frampton opened for him.  Frampton was great – it was a pleasure hearing his several hits that I listed to as a teenager.  Then Steve Miller took the stage.  First, I’ve just got to say that Steve Miller is a true gentleman – he had a really friendly, down to earth and engaged connection with the audience – not the arrogant rock star thing at all – very cool guy.  And, yes, he played all his great hits and the crowd just roared.  I go to a lot of shows and I’ve got to say that this was one of the best in a long time.  Some times I leave right before the encore to beat the crowds but not for this show – I wanted to experience every last minute.  I always knew that Steve was a great song writer but I didn’t know what an excellent guitarist he is.

So, if you have the chance to catch him some time soon, don’t miss it.  He’s fantastic!

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