Work, family, busy schedules, endless emails, etc…

Life is hectic and when do you have time to really

connect with yourself – what a concept!  It’s so easy

to neglect our selves and the deeper part of ourselves

that I like to call our SOUL

Playing guitar is one of the best ways

to connect with your soul!

Look at the pic of Hendrix

He’s not worried about paying his taxes!

He is deeply connected with the flow of creative


So, find your musical expression even if you’re a complete

beginner at it.

Make sure you connect with the

music and connect with your soul!

Take time when you’re playing

to close your eyes, play something that is

easy enough for you and really feel the emotional connection

with what you’re playing,

what you’re expressing.

At these times, drop the concern about how well

you’re playing and drop into the feeling of the music!

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

And know that when you take the time to learn to play,

you will be able to connect with your soul,

your emotions and the creative

side of yourself more and more and more.

It doesn’t take gobs of natural talent

It doesn’t take 3 decades of slaving away

It is doable in a reasonable time frame

And, You Can Do It!

And let me tell you, it’s really gratifying and cool!

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