Guitar is Awesome!  

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a rock star?

And, you can be a rock star – at least in your own bedroom.

Ok, so why should kids play guitar?

Well, let’s face it, the days of playing stick ball

outside in the street are over.  So few kids go out

and play in their neighborhoods – and we all know

that kids are spending hours a day on tech devices –

video games, tablets, etc…  Playing guitar is just healthier,

more creative, more soul connected and just downright cooler.

Plus, once kids learn a bit, it’s great for them to learn to play with peers.

Imagine your kids playing in a band – too cool.

And playing guitar is such a great way to blow off some steam

after school – it’s stress relieving, meditative and a great way

to forget math, science and spelling for a while before it’s home work time.

Harmony Music Center has an awesome kids guitar program.

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