Self-esteem is the water that teens swim in!

Teens are really in a social fishbowl – they are with their peer group in a vulnerable, powerful way from the minute they get to school til the minute they get home at eve.  And let’s face it, peers at that age can be pretty brutal.  Most teens are very susceptible to the judgments and opinions of their peers.  If they are rejected, unappreciated and struggle to find a peer group they feel that they belong in, depression and anxiety are not close behind.

For these reasons, finding things that enhance their self-esteem, lower anxiety and help them develop a positive self image are really, super important. 

Enter, Guitar – Guitar is just the coolest instrument on the planet.


Not only does it give ready access to playing the music they know and love from 70s rock classics to today’s pop music.  When teens learn to play guitar they learn to enter into a different world of experience that they create for themselves.  They connect with the creative part of themselves and can really connect with and learn to express their feelings.  Both genders find so much in guitar.  When my daughter was a teen she spent countless hours learning to play and sing Jack Johnson songs.  So many teen boys that I know love playing AC/DC songs.  It’s great to see boys discovering their own power in a constructive way!

So, give your teens an awesome way to develop self-esteem and a gift that they will love for their entire lives.  Give them the gift of playing guitar!

Harmony Music Center teaches guitar to Teens, adults and Kids.

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