“Turn that garbage Down”

What aspiring young guitarist living at home and playing hard rock, punk or heavy metal guitar hasn’t heard that statement from irate parents?

I remember when I was a teen trying to play Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc  My parents were not delighted.

Ok, I like a lot of genres of music: indie folk is one of my faves these days, and classic 60/70s stuff – who doesn’t like Neil Young, the Beatles, Eagles, etc..

But, I have to admit, even as the decades have passed by, I still love heavy metal, hard rock, punk and grunge!  Why?  For some people it might seem like angry, loud, chaotic  noise.  I always say to my guitar students:  Noise, blessed noise.

So what’s the allure?  Well, it’s not anger for me but POWER.  This music just have immense power and energy.  If you want to have a killer workout put on some Judas Priest – screaming for vengeance – no better way to pump up your motivation and energy.

So, in a world that seems so tough and so challenging, it’s really nice to feel a sense of power and energy – a sense that I can take on the world, I can achieve my goals through sheer force of will.

Is heavy metal a bad influence on teens?  That’s a perennial question.  I think that the answer is that if there is some positive guidance steering teens toward empowerment and developing their potential in positive directions, heavy/hard rock can be an awesome influence. Of course like many things – it can be good or bad depending on the person and circumstances.

There’s nothing more fun that to strap on a Les Paul, crank up a Marshall and rock out on guitar.

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