The world is off the rails  

I can’t remember a time when there was more turmoil  

How do you find peace, how do you make sense of what is going on.  How do you even put your thoughts and feelings together about all this insanity in any coherent way?

Well, song writing is one of the very best answers 

“Yes, but to write songs, I’d have to really understand music theory and a lot about music; it just seems beyond me.”

Not true!  Writing songs can be a lot simpler than you think

I find that in my darkest moments some really good songs seem to boil to the surface.  Writing songs is an amazing way to allow what is percolating deep inside us to come to the surface and find expression, to find an outlet.  To me it’s a kind of spiritual practice

Someone, I can’t remember who, once said:  Don’t die with your songs inside you.”  Sage advice.  

What does song writing involve?  If you can strum a few chords on guitar, you can write songs.  Learning to write songs is not so hard.  Of course mastering the process takes time and practice but that’s true of everything.  Songwriting can be such an awesome way to connect with the deeper parts of yourself, make sense out of your feelings and discover a deep well of creativity inside.

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