Two brothers started guitar lessons about 9 months ago 

They dug it and started to make great progress.  Even though they were only 11 years old, their parents had turned them on to all the great classics of the 60’s and 70’s so they knew the Beatles and other classics.

Well, before they knew it they were playing songs and it wasn’t long until their friends on the street started to take notice.  “Wow, that’s cool.  I want to be able to play like that too” their street friends thought to themselves.  So before long there were 5 kids on the same street that were taking guitar lessons at Harmony Music Center.  One of their mothers told me recently that they actually sit around together and play songs.

How cool is that?

Now when they walk into the Harmony Music Center classroom, I always say “Ah, the E Street Guitar Gang is here; look out.”