Are You Disconnected From Your Heart?

Maybe that sounds like a strange question but it’s actually easy to get disconnected from our hearts.  Life is busy, we’re all running around and the faster you spin, the further from yourself you get!  Society doesn’t encourage us to slow down, tune in and connect with ourselves.  Further, the more emotional wounds we have the easier it is to close off emotionally.

Here are the signs that you are disconnected from your heart:

  • Increased Stress
  • Feelings of Meaninglessness
  • Over Eating
  • Over Drinking
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mid-life Crises
  • Boredom with Your Life
  • Feeling That Everyday is the Same

So how to reconnect, how to slow down, how to enrich life so that it’s not just going through the motions?  These are important questions because otherwise, life passes us by.  This is it – so don’t put off really connecting with yourself and having the richest life you possibly can!

How much are you living in your head?  How much are you living in your heart? 

One way to gauge this is to look at your experience of music.  While we all like music, how often do you feel really deeply moved by it?  To illustrate what I mean here, consider this.  Everyone can recognize the beauty of a nice sunset.  But recognizing beauty and really being moved and touched by it are two very different things.  One is a head experience, the other a heart or heartfelt experience.   

Here are some things you can do to reconnect with your emotional self which is that pathway to having a richer, more meaningful life.

Take the time to listen to the music you really love – not just in the background while you are working or doing something else, but really listening to the music and allow yourself the feel the emotions that are being expressed in the music and the feelings that it raises for you.

Want to go even deeper?  Learn or play an instrument.  When we play an instrument we are tuning in to the creative part of ourselves, tuning in to our emotions and getting in the flow of the moment.  When we learn to do this it’s an incredible experience that is deeply enriching.  Years ago when I was playing classical guitar, I remember learning some Bach and feeling tingles up and down my spine and tears welling up in my eyes with the incredible beauty of the music.  These kinds of feelings are very nourishing and bring us back to the depth and beauty that our lives can touch into.

Andrew Bassuk is Psychotherapist and Guitar Teacher that teaches guitar to kids, teens and adults at Harmony Music Center.

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