Most guitar teachers are nice.  

They play guitar well, they are patient, kind and want to teach kids how to play guitar.  

But, sadly, they don’t understand how to inspire todays kids  

Did you know that most kids that take guitar lessons don’t practice much at home?  

They go to their lessons, learn a few things and then they get busy with school, sports, friends, and all their tech devices and they don’t put in much time practicing.  

It’s not their fault.  That’s just the world we live in today.  

Then what happens is that the parents get frustrated – what’s the point of paying for all these lessons if my child isn’t practicing?  “I guess they just aren’t into it that much.”  Then the child goes in to their lesson after not practicing much and feels guilty and bad.  

This situation goes on for a while and then they quit

In My View – This is a Minor Tragedy

Because, when kids love their guitar lessons, They learn a skill

that provides them, creativity, stress relief, a powerful way to feel great about themselves and a lifelong passion that is absolutely priceless.  


Now, this unfortunate situation is not

because kids don’t love music or kids don’t love guitar!  

It is because the teacher doesn’t have a program that inspires kids, gets them playing the music they love and provides a teaching environment that kids are totally jazzed about.  Kids should leave guitar lessons with a huge smile on their face.  If your child is not jubilant after their lesson, then the teacher, as nice and well meaning as they are, doesn’t know how to teach guitar to todays kids.

When kids guitar lessons fail, it’s not the kids fault, it’s not the parents fault and it isn’t even the poor, untrained teachers fault.  Most of these nice teachers just simply don’t have the training to teach kids guitar.  They might have a music degree and have played and performed in all sorts of venues and have an impressive history.  But, sadly, they don’t have training on how to effectively teach guitar!!!

The good news is that there is a guitar program in Ventura

Harmony Music Center

has an amazing kids guitar program!

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