How To Buy Holiday Guitars For Kids

Guitars can be one of the best presents for the holidays
Nothing is more exciting than getting a new guitar
If your child is interested, it’s an awesome present!

Kids can begin learning guitar at age 7

Here are some important details on
how to buy a guitar, what to get, etc…

Electric Vs. Acoustic Guitars?
Either one is fine
If they are into AC/DC, Nirvana, etc.. Go with electric
If they’re into pop, softer rock or country – go with acoustic
If you get an acoustic get a steel string guitar – NOT nylon!

A great electric guitar is a Fender Squier Bullet Strat
it is a classic style guitar, has several color choices and plays and sounds great.
The cost between $120-150 – shop around

An important consideration is size:
Guitars come in a wide range of sizes
If your child is between 7-11,
a 3/4 size guitar like
the Yamaha JR1 or JR2 or
Ibanez 3/4 size will work best
If they are older, get a full sized,
but small bodied acoustic guitar such as a Yamaha FS800
(highly recommended and just under $200)

The brands I would recommend are:
Acoustics:  Yamaha and Ibanez
Electrics:  Fender/Squier, Epiphone
There are many cheap brands out there that
are lower quality.
The above brands will work best!

Once they have the guitar
Guitar Instruction is Essential
Typical 1:1 guitar lessons don’t work
for today’s kids!!!
(Contact Me and I’ll Explain Why)

Harmony Music Center
Has an Awesome, Innovative
Kids Guitar Program

Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates 
Suitable for Holiday Gifts
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