One of the things that keeps us emotionally alive, inspired and awake from all the numbing influences that society throws at us these days is creativity. Creativity is connecting with our own uniqueness and touching down into a deeper dimension within us that is so important.

Most of us are pretty immersed in our cell phone/tech culture and let’s face it – there’s a lot of cool stuff there. But, it is a bit numbing, alienating and it is not a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

So, how to get kids excited about discovering their own creativity. Well, my experience tells me that if you can get kids involved in music in a way that is super fun, interactive, helps them make the music they love with their peers, it’s an awesome, cool and super fun thing.

At Ventura Music School we teach a wide range of instruments: guitar, piano, singing, drums (and more to come). Learning the basics of these instruments takes some individual instruction and then its awesome to get kids together in small ensembles where they can play along with all of the above instruments and have the experience of making music, learning how to refine the process so that it sounds better and better and learning about the building blocks of music.

Interested? Want your child or teen to have this experience? Awesome, message us to find out more!