Fall is coming and Kids will be back to school before you know it.

One of the best things you can do for your kids is get them playing a musical instrument!  Why?  Because it’s awesome and a lot of fun.  And on top of that, countless studies show kids do better academically when they learn an instrument.  It’s great to get them off those tech screens for a little creativity as well.  

How should music lessons unfold?  If kids just go take ordinary lessons, it can be just another activity over time and can get stale.  That’s why we offer individual lessons – but tie that in with ensemble classes once kids have learned the basic skills on their instrument.  That way they get the experience of playing the music they love with their peers.  That’s where it starts to get really fun and interesting.  

You see, music is an awesome avenue for personal growth and development.  Nice saying but how does that work.  Well, first, kids have to have some courage to take lessons, sit with a teacher, develop some discipline and acquire the skills to play.  Then taking that into a group of their peers is a little scary but they learn over time that it’s fun.  Then eventually they have opportunities to perform (optional recitals), and when kids perform they are confronting the nerves we all feel in that situation and it is powerfully confidence building.  

Want to learn more?  Get in touch.  Ventura Music School offers lessons for:  Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drums, Singing, Bass, Ukulele and more.  Open enrollment for the fall is on and time slots are first come, first served so get in touch today and give your child/teen the lifelong gift of making music!

Picture above is our Piano, Voice, Guitar teacher Carmona.  She’s so much fun to work with and has openings for lessons.