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There’s a lot going on at Ventura Music School. 

First of all, we changed our name from Harmony Music Center to Ventura Music School.  We think that now that we offer a wide range of musical instruments in our instruction program it better describes us.

We are really excited to have 3 awesome new teachers beginning late summer and into the fall.  They all are talented musicians and have great experience teaching both kids and adults – see pics and bios below.

We’ve had a fun summer with summer guitar classes including our Campfire Guitar Class where members learned to play guitar basics and learned some great classic songs like Stand By Me, Brown Eyed Girl and Heart of Gold.  It was a lot of fun.

Kevin Conahey

Kevin teaches is our drum teacher extraordinaire.  He has taught both kids and adults for years and has an impressive resume of performing and teaching background.  So, whether you want to learn how to play rock drums or percussion or any style, Kevin is a great choice.

Marcela Carmona

Marcela Carmona teachers piano, singing, beginning guitar, violin and other stringed insturments.  She teaches all ages but is really amazing with kids ages 3 and up.  She has great experience both teaching and performing.  Want to learn a particular instrument – awesome!  Want your child to have the opportunity to explore different instruments and have fun discovering what their passion is – Marcela is great for that too!

David McInnes

David has been teaching voice and singing for many years.  He has worked in Rock Band coaching programs for kids and is great at teaching all ages the techniques of singing in a wide range of styles.  He also teaches beginning guitar.

Lorena has been playing guitar for a year or so and won a picking contest in which she won a Fender guitar – way to go Lorena!

Not many 9 year olds can play and sing Hotel California the way Nate can – awesome work!!!

Eva has been studying guitar for over a year and has learned many classic songs on both acoustic and elecric guitars!

Fall Enrollment Special

Enroll in Music Lessons – any instrument – and get $50 off your first month ($25 registration fee waived and $25 off tuition).

July Happenings

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