Summer is awesome – family vacations, the beach, longer days and no school.  But, in a month, it will wind down and kids will head back to school.  And parents have the usual question “what extracurricular activities would be best?”  If you are thinking about that question, I’d suggest you give music lessons some serious consideration.  Here’s why:

1.     Kids are focused at school much of the day and music is an awesome way to blow off steam and have fun

2.     For all the good things that happen at school, there can sometimes be a lack of creative expression – music is that!

3.     Studies show that kids do better academically when they learn an instrument

4.    It’s an awesome way to get them off those darn tech devices and they love it

5.    Learning an instrument provides a lifelong passion that they will thank you for when they are older

Ventura Music School offers individual lessons and group classes for Guitar, Piano, Singing, Drums, Ukulele, Violin and other instruments.  We like to have kids begin with individual lessons.  Once they have learned some basics, it’s awesome to get them into a class where they can learn to play the music they love with their peers.  These classes have a variety of instruments so that they can learn to play in an ensemble setting – rock, pop, and fun music that they know and love.  We’re conveniently located, can work with your busy schedule and have awesome teachers who are great at making kids feel comfortable and inspired.  Fall enrollment is on and we’re offering a $50 discount if you enroll now.  So message us or call or text (805) 208-4428.