We live in a superficial world and we’re all so busy moving at the speed of light that it’s hard to slow down, tune in and connect with each other much less ourselves.  For kids, there is school, sports, friends, homework, video games and other tech stuff and kids seem busier than ever these days.

As a practicing psychotherapist for over 35 years, I see the importance of teaching kids to tune into themselves and their emotions and to learn how to relate to others with depth, sensitivity and awareness.

Music is one of the most amazing ways for kids to learn these important aspects of life.  When music is taught well, it encourages kids to connect with their own depth and to listen to and relate to others at the same time.  This type of sensitive coordination with each other is really cool to see.

In my teen boys rock guitar class last week we played the classic Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s Worth”.  Afterward, I said to them: “Everyone of you played all the chords well, properly and fine.  But what was missing was that you weren’t really listening to each other.  Let’s try that again and this time I want you to listen to each other as you’re playing.  Match each others timing, match each others volume. Tune into the emotion of the song and let’s see if we can make this more musical.”  They got it! And when we played it again, it sounded like music – very cool.

Great music is people coming together, digging deep into the depth of their soul and coordinating that with the depth of their co-musician’s souls – when that happens it’s magic and we’re all moved.

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