Arts and Music have been cut from most public school budgets years ago.  And those well-heeled schools that do have music have usually used PTA funds to scrape together a minimal music program.  Most schools that do have music focus on band and orchestral instruments. Is your chid passionate about playing tuba, trombone or french horn?  Probably not.

Ok, so there’s not much music – so what – does it really matter?  Isn’t science, English and math more important anyway?  Well, maybe, but  countless studies have shown many benefits to learning music better academic performance, increased self-esteem/confidence, etc…  Plus, when kids fall in love with making music, it gets them off those tech devices and gives them something wholesome and healthy to do.

Music is good for you and we all know we should be doing things that are good for us like eating vegetables.  The difference between eating vegetables and playing music is that music is a lot more fun.

So, instead of learning band or orchestral instruments, how about learning piano, guitar, singing, drums?  Kids are usually more interested and passionate about learning to play instruments that they can play the favorite pop/rock music.

Ventura Music School’s kids music programs offer open enrollment year round for Piano, Guitar, Singing, Drums, Violin and other instruments.  To discover how your child can enter the magic of music get in touch with us at