A and D chords

Two very important beginning chords.  These take some time – be patient and practice them slowly until you get them down.  Don’t get frustrated – it’s a process!

Spring Time – Full Tempo

Once you’ve master video one on Springtime – work on playing along with this video.  Once you can do it be sure to post on the forum and let us know you’ve done it!  Good work and keep it up 🙂

Spring Time – Slow Tempo

This is a great beginning song.  Learn it from the sheet music and then play along with this video.  Once you can play it smoothly at this slow tempo go to the second video which is a full speed – don’t rush – make sure you can play this one smoothly...

Ode to Joy – Full Tempo

Once you’ve mastered the first two Ode to Joy video play alongs – work with this video to get fully up to speed.  And once you can do this level – yay – you’ll mastered a great piece of musical history.  Pat yourself on the back....

Ode to Joy – Moderate Tempo

Here is the second Ode to Joy videos which speeds up the tempo to moderate.  Take your time and wait until you can play this level smoothly and consistently before progressing to the full tempo version.  And don’t forget to have fun!