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Ventura Music School Group Classes

Group classes are a fantastic way to have fun, learn music with others and learn to play music in a group setting. We offer classes for children, teens and adults for a range of instruments. Come have fun with us!

Young Children's Classes

We love exploring and teaching music to young children ages 3 through 5. In our classes for young children, the focus is on having fun with music, exploring a range of different instruments, singing and discovering the joy of music.

Children and Teen Classes

Our focus in our children and teen classes is to teach kids basic skills on a range of instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Singing and more. We put all this together so that kids learn to play these instruments in a pop/rock band setting. It’s so much fun to see kids learning to play the songs they love. We make it fun and easy and we have lots of acoustic and electric guitars, amps, drums, bass guitars, ukuleles, microphones and all the equipment so kids can discover what it feels like to play in a pop/rock band.

Adult Guitar Classes

If you’d like to learn to play guitar or improve your skills in a group setting (we also offer individual lessons – the choice is yours) then our guitar classes are a lot of fun. We offer a beginning guitar class where you can learn the basics, learn many easy songs, learn easy ways to play with others and learn to sing along with playing if you want to do that. All our classes are very friendly and down to earth. We make sure everyone feels at home. Our intermediate guitar class is a great place to take your playing to the next level. Learn fingerpicking skills on songs like the Beatles “Blackbird” or Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” or fingerpicking blues guitar. We work on lots of other intermediate skills and talk about ways of understanding music, songwriting, playing with others and lots more.
Want to learn electric guitar – our electric guitar class is a great place to learn rhythm styles, lead playing, all about amps, effects, and soo much more. Come rock out with us!

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Whether you’re ready to sign up or just want more info, get in touch. We’d love to talk with you, answer any questions you have and help you on your musical journey.

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