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Why Kids Guitar Lessons Usually Fail

Most guitar teachers are nice.   They play guitar well, they are patient, kind and want to teach kids how to play guitar.   But, sadly, they don't understand how to inspire todays kids   Did you know that most kids that take guitar lessons don't practice much at home?...

The Healing Power of Music

Are You Disconnected From Your Heart? Maybe that sounds like a strange question but it's actually easy to get disconnected from our hearts.  Life is busy, we're all running around and the faster you spin, the further from yourself you get!  Society doesn't encourage...

Inner Beauty

How do you connect with the deep, creative part of yourself? We are all taught and conditioned to look outward to find happiness in this culture.  Making music is one of the best ways to connect with the creative, spiritual dimension within. Life is just too busy,...

Beauty of Acoustic Guitar

Life is hectic, busy and stressful.  Playing acoustic guitar is one of the most relaxing, meditative, soulful things you can do.  Whatever style you play:  classic rock, pop, classical, blues, fingerpicking.  It's nice at the end of a hectic day to pick up your...

Kids Activity Overload

Kids Are Overwhelmed! Soccer, Water Polo, Gymnastics, Friends, Homework and the list goes on. Parents sometimes feel that they want to expose their kids to lots of positive activities. This year it's basketball, last year it was gymnastics, next year it is something...

The E Street Guitar Gang

Two brothers started guitar lessons about 9 months ago  They dug it and started to make great progress.  Even though they were only 11 years old, their parents had turned them on to all the great classics of the 60's and 70's so they knew the Beatles and other...

Camp Fire Guitar

Songs Around The Campfire Have you always wanted to be able to strum chords and sing your favorite songs around the campfire? Imagine singing Stand By Me, Down By the Boardwalk, Beatles Songs, Eagles, Neil Young and all those great classic songs we all know and love....

Why You Should Write Songs

The world is off the rails   I can't remember a time when there was more turmoil   How do you find peace, how do you make sense of what is going on.  How do you even put your thoughts and feelings together about all this insanity in any coherent way? Well, song...

Fingerpicking Blues Guitar

Nothing like sitting on the porch as the sun set and fingerpicking some blues. The song above is my little spin on Spike Driver Blues - sometimes I sing it but in the video above I'm just playing the song and adding some of my little lead lines and riffs.  It's a lot...

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